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i am a 26 year old stay at home mom, living in the frigid north of cleveland. i spend my time being a follower of Jesus, a wife to my husband, a mom to my son, knitting, reading, and playing video games. and of course drinking coffee, decaf now, while doing all of those things.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

39 Weeks

So I saw Genny this afternoon.  Only traces of protein in my urine today, and my blood pressure was normal.  I dilated another 1/2 cm, which is also good.  So, the plan is that I see her again Wednesday morning at 11.  If everything is still the same, then I go to the hospital at midnight to start the induction with cervadil, then in the morning we'll start the pitocin.  If I've dialated more, then I won't go in until Thursday morning and we can skip the cervadil.  So, be praying friends.

I've decided I'm okay with being induced.  I really, at this point, just want to be done waiting, to be done wondering, and to meet my son.  I was beginning to feel like he was never going to get here and I was going to be pregnant forever...which I'm told is how everyone feels at the end.  I'm glad that there is a definite end in site.  I signed the paperwork, so that's that.  I'd still prefer to go into labor on my own before hand, but it's okay if I don't.  Although both Genny and my mom think it's possible for me to go first.  I've been having a ton of contractions.  They've been evenly spaced, 10 minutes apart, and fairly intense.  We'll see.  It's not in my hands, not that it ever was.

Belly Watch:
39 weeks 1 day
How I'm Feeling:
I've been feeling mostly just anxious.  I'm not very good at waiting and not knowing.  I'm especially not good at "is this the real thing?"  I can't stand that.  I've been tired, but that's to be expected.  I'm not sleeping, but that's to be expected.  My hips are all loose and woobly feeling, which is to be expected as well.  So, now we wait some more.  But defined waiting is waaaayyyyyyyyy better!
Other Stuff:
Baby Length: 20 in
Baby Weight: 7.25 lb
Fruit Size: small watermelon
Weight Gained: 44 lb, i actually lost a pound from last week
Days Til Next Appointment: 2
Days Til Induction: 3
Days Til Due Date: 7

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